With packaging of cards, it is often necessary to identify the serial number  of  the  card  in  the  package.  In  order  to avoid the time consuming   and   costly   matching  of  card  and  package  serial numbers,  we  have  developed  innovative strategies that expose
the  card’s  serial  number.  Usually  this  is  accomplished  with  a
die-cut  window  or  a  clear  overwrap  film.  Below  are  the most common packaging methods available from Us1.  

Fin Seal Overwrap:
  Us1   uses  an  in-house  Doboy  horizontal wrapper  for  Fin Seal overwrapping. This package seals the card
in  a  polypropylene  package  that  is  crimped  on  each  end and
along  the  back  on a folded “fin”. The crimp cannot be duplicated without the expensive  horizontal wrapper. This makes it difficult to open  the package without detection thus maintaining the security
of  the  package.  Although  we  usually  use  clear  film registered metallized  ( foil )  film or custom printed film is also available. The
Fin  Seal  package  can  include  carriers or inserts along with the card.  Us1    also   offers  contract  Fin  Seal  overwrapping  to the printing  trade. Contract overwrap packaging is available for non- card products.
Paper Envelopes and Carriers:  For this method of packaging, the card is usually glued to a printed carrier and then inserted into an envelope. This  method  is  ideal  where  the  card needs to be mailed to the recipient.  Us1 can provide addressing and mailing services if required.
Other Packages:  Us1 can  provide Blister Packs, Clam Shells, Skin Packs as well as Shrink Wraps if needed. We can work with you to develop innovative  packaging  solutions that work best for your card product.