Most  cards  manufactured at are Us1 credit card sized ( 2 1/8” X 3 1/8” ). However  we also produce  a  good  number of non-standard  sized cards, such as  “Hanging Cards” or custom die-cuts. Hanging Cards  are  commonly  used for retail phone card applications.  The Hanging   Card   has  a  credit  card  sized  card  perforated  off  the bottom   of   a  larger  form.    It   allows   for   additional   advertising landscape  or  instructions  than  is  available  on  the  card  itself.  It commonly has a die-cut slot so that it can be hung from a retail peg, hence  the  name  “Hanging Card”.  We have also produced a good number of custom card shapes such as cards shaped like stars or wine bottles for promotional phone cards