"Personalization" is the printing, encoding and/or programming of each card with variable data. Variable data makes each card unique, whether it is a name, a PIN (personal identification number) or a serial number. In order to accurately "personalize" each card and to complete the order in a timely manner, it is essential that any variable data be properly submitted. Please follow the guidelines outlined below. 
Variable data may be submitted via an e-mail attachment, a ZIP disk, a CD or a 3.5" diskette. For security, it is highly recommended that all files be encrypted, especially files submitted via an e-mail attachment. Common encryption methods include those associated with WinZip, Stuffit or encryption programs such as PGP. The encryption keys should be communicated to US1.Com separately from the file submission. 
File Format: 

Attach a separate READ.ME file explaining the following:

The data for each card record should appear exactly as it is to be printed. Separators such as dashes or spaces in PIN codes should appear in the data. Control or serial number fields should be included with each record. Data requiring additional formatting may incur $75/hour programming charges. 
Prior to printing the variable data on the card, you will receive a PIN Verification Form for your approval of the data layout using the first record as an example. This procedure will insure that the data is printed properly. If you need further information, please call.