Us1 has the capability of applying variable data using either Inkjet, Thermal Printing or Embossing. Low coercivity magnetic stripe encoding, both 2 and 3-track, is also available. However the most common application at  Us1 is for prepaid phone cards having Inkjet variable data applied to the back of the card. There are usually two lines of variable data, a PIN code and a Serial Number. Below are guidelines for our "usual" application. It should be emphasized that other options are available so please call us if your application has different requirements.

The font normally used for PIN codes is 1/8-inch in height. There are 11 characters per inch. Usually a PIN code has been divided using dashes or spaces in the same way a telephone number is divided. When counting characters to determine the length of the printed PIN code, remember to include any dividing characters.

Please note: The only color available for Inkjet is black.

Scratch Off Label

Scratch Off Labels are "blown" onto the card. The registration varies +/- 1/32-inch both horizontally and vertically. Tight borders within which the label is to be applied are not possible. It is necessary to maintain a minimum of a 1/16-inch margin around the location of the Scratch Off Label position or else the boilerplate text may be covered.

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