has   extensive  experience applying variable data to cards. Variable   data    varies   for    each   card   making   it   unique - it “personalizes” each card.  Examples of variable data include PIN codes, serial numbers or  names and account numbers. Us1 has developed   extensive   security,   approval   and   quality   control procedures   to   ensure   that   personalization   is   accurate and
secure.  We   also  offer  personalization  of  cards to the printing
trade on a contract basis.

Ink Jet:
       Ink  Jet  is  the most cost effective method of applying variable data to cards at  Us1.  Ink  Jet is more cost effective than other methods of personalization because it is faster and has less expensive consumables.  Ink Jet is not limited to credit card sized cards which is a limitation of thermal printing and Embossing and can be applied to cards of any thickness or material. It is the most popular   personalization   process   at   Us1.   See  Ink  Jet  Data Specifications for submission information.
Thermal Printing:       Thermal Printing uses a resin/wax thermal ribbon  to  prints variable data on the card. Since thermal  printing speeds   are   relatively  slow   and   consumables   are   relatively expensive, it is more expensive than Ink Jet and Embossing. One cannot thermal  print  over  ink  or UV varnish so if it is required to thermal print over  a  printed  image,  the  card must be laminated PVC.  Thermal  Printing  or  Embossing is necessary if data must
be   printed   in   conjunction   with   an   encoded magnetic stripe.
Thermal   Printing  is  also  necessary  for  applications  requiring high-resolution printing such as condensed barcodes.
Embossing: Embossing is the method of applying variable data by  using  heat  to  raise  alpha - numeric  characters  so  that  the characters stand in relief of the card surface.  The  characters are commonly  topped  with  foil.  Embossing  is a method commonly
used  to  apply  names  and  account  numbers  on   credit  cards.
Since the consumables are less costly than Thermal Printing, it is more  cost  effective.  Embossed  characters  can  be  applied to
cards  in  conjunction  with  magnetic  stripe  encoding.  However characters   are   limited   to  alphanumeric  so  images  such  as barcodes are impossible to Emboss.